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Just Jack

Wow, that looks fantastic, and they’re not even painted!

From my perspective, if you’re running a game with phases short enough that you can only take one action per phase, then reload probably should be an action, but then that means you have to track ammo, which I hate… and thus don’t do, thereby belying my own statement that reload should be an action.  In any case, if you’re going to have reloading as an action, I figure the kneeling pose works well enough.  It’s not perfect; if you’re reloading in a CQB situation you shouldn’t be seeking cover and kneeling down (takes away from your ‘violence of action’ concept) to reload, you should be reloading with weapon still shouldered and eyeballs still on target, and if there’s not time for that you should be switching to secondary.  But again, it works, no mistaking what he’s doing on the tabletop.  And it shouldn’t make him too vulnerable, the idea being he sought out some kind of cover to reload (reminding me of remedial action for a stoppage, or SPORTS).

Gotcha on the prone pose, sounds good to me, but…
“I’ll probably leave it though because I don’t want to be sculpting a mini for every combination of weapons, backpack, protective vest.”
How ’bout some dedication to your craft, sir 😉

Are you telling me all these guys are for NPCs?  If so, where are the characters?  Are they the ones we’ve already seen for the four guys?