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Guy Farrish

Good report and great use of google maps to direct those who don’t know the area.

One thing which may explain Margaret’s SuperVision is a slightly different interpretation of the positioning of the battle.

There have been various interpretations, one of which, supported by the account in the Historie of the Arrivall of Edward IV, puts the Lancastrian line about 500 metres north of the position in your guide’s account with their right on Holm Hill (near the Leisure Centre) and their left by the Abbey’s fishponds (near the current Tewkesbury Rugby Club grounds.) This moves the Yorkist force north and slightly east as well and means their line needn’t have straddled the Coln Brook.

If anyone wants to see this interpretation in fuller form, Cassell’s Battlefields of Britain and Ireland by Richard Brooks has a very good account of the battle (and a discussion about why this is his favoured site).

Whatever the precise location, it is great to see such an engaging photo walk of the battle. Hope it inspires people to game it.

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