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Is there space in the world still for old school fanzines anymore?

If you want to finance and produce one, no one will stop you. I don’t know how many will pay for a copy.

Once upon a very long time ago I helped to produce and distribute an offset printed, stapled hippie fanzine. I remember the romance and the struggle: scraping up money for paper and ink, typing up the masters, running that cranky old press all night long for a week, chain smoking, slamming espresso and stapling, trying to hawk enough copies to afford another issue. Really, today’s tech is much better cheaper faster.

My HMGS-Great Lakes chapter has a committed editor who still publishes every month an off-set printed stapled digest club newsletter. I could get it as a pdf, but I like the printed digest, even if the ink sometimes smears and the Post Office mutilates the covers. When The Herald comes in the mail, I sit down and read it.

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