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Sorry I was unable to provide what you wished for these two brothers, as I did not understand the original question to be addressing ‘succession protocol’.  Perhaps Jonathan can shed more light?

Nah you’re fine, you are likely correct. Vasilchikov-1 was second-in-line to command the 12th Division and the 12th Division commander – Kolyubakin – was wounded at Saltanovka, so it makes sense that Vasilchikov-1 takes over as indicated on Jonathan’s OB. The tripping point is that Jonathan also has Vasilchikov-1 commanding his own 3rd Brigade. The logical thing is that the 12th Division commander is wounded, so his next-in-line (Vasilchikov-1) takes over and then the 3rd Brigade is vacant so the next-in-line for the 3rd Brigade takes over who happens to be Vasilchikov-2.

In the meantime I did find that Mikaberidze comes to the same conclusion, so I suspect you are correct.


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