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Gone Fishing

Put me down as another that finds the comedy sidekicks of fantasy films tiresome. There are exceptions. One that springs to mind (though admittedly from another genre) is that useless jailor-type from The Mummy. For some reason I find him endlessly amusing, and of course don’t shed too many tears when he reaps the harvest he so richly deserves. But for every good example there seem to be several bad; I’m still peeved at what Mr Jackson did to Gimli. Grrrr!

I too really look forward to your upcoming rambles. A discussion of what fantasy films you like and why would be most entertaining, and would likely give me some ideas for future viewing (never seen Solomon Kane, for example). If the spirit is willing, a discussion of what films are, to your mind, the worst, could be just as much fun.

Anyway, congratulations on the new blog, Michael! I’m looking forward to your future musings!