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Darkest Star Games

I duly sent the awful pictures off to them and was pleased when they said they would use them and send me a copy.

  I did the same for a Traveller fanzine called “Jump Space” that apparently only circulated through game shops in southern California in the late 80’s.  I was in middle school and though the drawings weren’t good they weren’t too bad either.  I tried my best to emulate Kieth and some of the stuff from Judges Guild.  Actually made into 3 issues!  Wish I had copies of it all still.  Seemed I peaked early! ha!

What we have available now is amazing for a niche hobby, but we seem to have lost something along the way perhaps it is amateurism or things now are more professional by default because of our self publishing capability or maybe expectations are just higher.

I agree completely.  I think another thing lost is both the true passion and the collaboration.  So much now, especially blogs, as an individual effort.  Magazines seem work because they are group efforts and usually have diverse topics and very pretty pictures, and nowadays pretty does indeed sell.  I have read some horrible rules that were great sellers just due to the pictures, and as said above, though nostalgia can be a big draw it just doesn’t pay the bills like flashy stuff can.  So is there room?  Yes.  Is the amateurish fanzine likely to be popular and profitable?  Unfortunately probably not.


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