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John D Salt

This suggests they were organized as a motor battalion:

“4th Armoured Brigade HQ returned to Cairo to form a new brigade. As armoured regiments we now had 8th Hussars from 7th Armoured Brigade, 3rd Royal Tanks returned from Greece where they had served with 1st Armoured Brigade, and 5th Royal Tanks, survivors of the ill fated 3rd Armoured Brigade, lost in Cyrenaica in April. In addition we were joined by 2nd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery, also from 1st Armoured Brigade, and as our motor battalion we welcomed 2nd Battalion Scots Guards. We were thus the first armoured brigade group ever to be formed.

In September we returned to the desert and continued training near Bir Kenayis, south-west of Matruh, moving up to join the rest of the division at the end of October between Piccadilly and Maddalena.”

From http://www.warlinks.com/armour/4th_armoured/chapter_2.php

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