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Thanks, criticism is fine, as long as it’s constructive… I made a decision not to have voice overs on these videos, largely cos I’m usually chatting to my mates and the conversation is largely inane banter and in jokes. As you said, if you don’t like the music, just turn it down. At the end of the day whatever I do is going to displease someone, so I make the videos as I’d like them to be and if others like it, then great.

I take the point about panning quickly, but that is usually because most of the games are in full flow and I don’t like interrupting someone’s fun while I linger over the table with the camera. Everyone seems happy to have me film, but I don’t want to take the mick. I guess a solution would be to add in some still photos as well, which would have more detail shown. I’ll think about it for the next one.

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