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Moderns Release: December 2019: FV438 Swingfire (144th)

Merry Christmas (or appropriate other festival as applies), all!

So, last moderns release of the year; because of various issues (including commissions and family-related issues), we’re going to dip into that stocking that is the backlog, and out comes… The FV438 Swingfire in 144th!

FV438 Swingfire

Direct price: £4.40

Shapeways price: $5.96 (£5.54) Link

The mast has a raised and lowered version (raised not depicted here – I apparently forgot to put it in when I took this photo!), so like the Fennek, you can have the mast up or down (who needs markers when you have the real thing!)


Photos, as per usual, of the Replicator 2 version.

January might well be another dip into the backlog, we’ll see how things go. It’s been a bit of a month and I’m not going to get much done before Christmas with one thing and another (and then I really need to work out what I’m going to do for Hammerhead for the 144 sci-fi!)