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I briefly looked at it, but I haven’t found an appropriate distribution facility – I looked at TurboSquid, for instance, but not only would my models have looked ridiculously out of place (like, that place deals with models in thousands of dollars/pounds), but stuff like their image requirements wanted me to essentially texture models in ways I have no idea how to even do in TurboCAD. (And I want to ensure that a place would be of a suitable level that it would be big enough to ensure some level of piracy protection and stable enough to last many years, since I have a LOT of models to have to put up.)

It would thus require another huge time-skin to get everything up for that, and after a year, I’ve still only got about half (with a bias towards the moderns) of the catalogue priced up for the direct prints and only new released products on the Facebook catalogue. It is likely something I may deal with eventually, but not in the immediate future, probably at least not until I’ve actually finished those things.