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Aotrs Commander

Perhaps look at Wargames vault? They are able to send stls and well as pdf and such.

Hmm. A possible option for future reference (given that I sell Accelerate & Attack there), but at the moment, I don’t have any plans to do so, given the time outlay required and potential risks involved once the files are out “in the wild,” so to speak.

As/when/if I start getting enough people asking me about specific models I might start considering it.


I don’t think it hurts toput teh model up on turbosquid and mark it as for 3D printing for the prince you wanted to sell it. I’ve had a few curcumstances where clients bought models off turbosquid or other sites and asked me to make it printer friendly. You never know your models might be perfect for someone looking for modern vehicles within a certain price range.

In addition to the other issues, TurboSquid has render image requirements for uploaded models that I simply have no idea how to meet (and even if I did, it would require me re-building each and every one of my 300+ models to do so), which renders it simply impractical at this time to even attempt.