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In a real world situation the attackers would pass between the other units if in a formation that had enough fluidity (e.g. cavalry).  If in a rigid formation they wouldn’t attack unless happy to hit the spears/horde as they’d lose their order doing so.  The others would be brushed aside as they passed if they had sufficient flexibility or even turn to face with part of their formation.

Real world and fixed frontage wargame elements have little in common sometimes.

As an aside in Impetus the chargers would hit the spear, fighting them as if frontally although only in nominal contact and if forcing them to recoil would continue into the cavalry if they chose as the recoiling spear/horde would disorder the cavalry.  Worth noting that Impetus does not allow units in contact to be aligned ever…you are obliged to leave a little bit projecting on one flank instead of DBx style overlaps.

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