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Thomaston:  I think it would be too fragile and needs a robust base.  It actually works well for me, as my 6mm figures are on 3mm thick bases.  You could probably shave some of that height off, though in the software of your choice.

McKinstry:  They were printed on a Makerbot Replicator+, I am not sure what the setting where.  I gave the Librarians my thumb drive,m told her how many copies I wanted and she did the slicer part.  There is a little whispy string you can see that I’ll need to clip off when I get around to painting them, but not too much.  I am getting a Crealty Ender 3 Pro, At least one other member of this forum (John) is using it successfully.

The SLA printers are getting really cheap and seem to have exceptionally high quality, like the Anycubic Photon.

The quality of the prints is amazing.  But, I decided to go with the FDM printer as my first as it seems much easier to operate, less mess, and I intend to mostly do terrain.  Really looking forward to that, as I like to use smaller-scale miniatures and being able to scale and edit terrain to match my figures and base sizes is going to be a game-changer.  For example, my first project is going to be a trench system for my Pendraken 10mm WW1 troops that are based on 40mm x 20mm bases.

As I get more proficient, though, I can foresee investing in a SLA Printer like the one listed above.   As I game 28mm Pulp and Colonials and small scale 10mm / 6mm/ 3mm for everything else, I will primarily be doing terrain and custom markers, player aids, etc. and not figures.

We’ll see how it goes, I’ll keep my blog up to date and you guys updated here.


Nathaniel: I actually did LOL!  You need a ton of rail fences for AWI in South Carolina and the thought of doing it in angel hair pasta was shall we say daunting…