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Sane Max

Thanks Norm, I found your blog under my own steam after I bought the rules ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s good to see a common thread on these blogs – people are still using them, which suggests they are worth the work.

I do think that without Morale, or any sort of fog of war, they lack the ‘HAHA!’ moments that many of my favourite sets have – that moment you say, or at least think, ‘Get In!’ when something happens you had been hoping for but could not be sure of. They seem quite.. predictable.

One thing I spotted when I slapped some Goths and Romans on the table – they are the only set I can think of where combat only takes place in your own turn. it means if the enemy destroy a unit, it’s always your turn next – so supported lines actually work. I could do a Mons Graupius, send the auxiliaries in first to wear the Barbarians down, and if they do break, the legionaries can actually be in position to charge in and finish the job – charming that a rule set this simple can convincingly model something that in most other systems is very difficult to achieve.