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Don Glewwe

Since I killed this thread, I feel obligated to attempt resurrection by steering it towards a (hopefully) less controversial subject: tailing.


In general, how much of an advantage is gained by a tailing position (ie: the rear of the target aircraft is to the front of the tailing one) as applied to two effects:

– movement order = seeing what the other fellow does and being able to react accordingly.  Assuming all other things are equal (pilot experience/ability, aircraft performance, etc…) how much of an advantage (expressed as a percentage?) should it give game-wise to the tailing pilot?  How much (if any) weight should be assigned to range and/or altitude?


– gaining and/or improving a firing position = the ease/difficulty in making the relative positions (shot-wise) at the end of the turn better than they were at the beginning.  Dunno for sure about this one…came about while considering the different troubles a pilot would have starting either behind his target or in front of it (and everything in between), and as such it would include more than just tailing (being behind) …or would an advantage/bonus given only to that (and ignore the ‘in front’ option) suffice?


As usual, I’m sure my poor writing skills have made a muddle of the issue(s)…thanks to any who try to slog through them to comment.