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Sane Max

If I get around to actually playing a game again, I would try a ‘recoil’ rule that I was toying with. If you score a six on the combat D6 it forces the enemy back whatever the final score is after modifiers are applied.

Like all my ideas it sounds good when I explain it to myself….

The more I think about it, the more I come to the conclusion any sort of ‘tinkering’ is a bit of a bad idea.

I have loads of 1/72 fantasy figures that I have never found a game for. as soon as I saw this I thought of doing a fantasy variant…. “let’s see…infantry, cavalry, archers, … um… monsters… canon.. warmachines…. oh but surely goblins are not the same as chaos warriors are they…” only adding one or two more troop types is to make it a far more complex thing than it is – and if you are going to make it complex, why not play Age of Sigmar and be done with it.

the best metaphor is that lots of people like to play football. The author’s point is that every wargame mag and rule-set seems to assume we have the equivalent of an all-seater stadium,, 21 like minded mates and a ref and full kit and that’s the only way to play. These rules are encouraging you to pile some jumpers up in the park and have a kick-about with some mates. start adding rules to a kick-about and all the fun is gone.

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