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It’s far easier to discover ancestors who went across the sea to fight in the ACW than those who fought in the ECW

  I really hadn’t thought of that!  I do know a fella whose great-great-g-pa joined the Union Navy in 1862 and at war’s end was granted US citizenship for service, which was apparently somewhat common back then.

I’d also suggest that a lot of us grew up in the 1950s, 60s and 70s on a diet of Hollywood ACW and Western films, which then led to Airfix bringing out ACW troops as one of their very early sets of toy soldiers – I’m sure that’s got a lot to do with explaining its popularity in the UK.

  Hadn’t thought of that either!  Makes a lot of sense.  Over here, interest in various periods seems to wax with whatever new movie/series pops out.  Master & Commander and the Sharpes series suddenly put Napoleonics to the fore, as The Pacific brought that theater to more gaming tables, as did 3:15 To Yuma, Vikings, etc…  I for some reason figured that most folk would be more interested in periods in which they have a shared social/familial/cultural history or framework from which to view and sympathize with the events.  On this end I know for sure that such things as The War Of The Roses or the 100 Years War are more romanticised as there is no direct connection to them and them or their social terrain, unlike the ACW.

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