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Nathaniel Weber

@Harry, great links. There are an abundance of great skirmish scenarios to be had from this campaign.

, thanks for your kind words. The rules I’m using are some simple skirmish rules I’m working on, tentatively called “Bloody Century.”  They were originally intended for classroom use (when time permits, in my US History 2 courses, I’ll have my classes play out a Vietnam firefight with my 20mm Vietnam stuff) and were expanded on first for Vietnam gaming, then for WWII.  The basic premise is this: each unit has 2 activation cards. The cards are all shuffled together. When your unit’s card is drawn, everyone in that unit gets 1 Action, which can be Move, Shoot, Throw Grenade, Rally, and a few other things.  Shooting results, based off a 1D6 roll (or more for machine guns) can be Pinned or Casualty.  There’s a leadership mechanic to help squad leaders keep their troops fighting. Squads might disintegrate if they have too many casualties/pinned troops.

It plays fast (each playthrough of this scenario took about 90 minutes, though my time calculation isn’t fully realistic because 1: I played during free time across my day, and 2: I was playing solo) and because everything is pretty literal, with no unusual command rules or special activation points etc, they are super easy to explain. This is in part a result of them being originally written for classroom use (where I can have only about 5 minutes to explain the rules) but also because I wanted something I could run at conventions.