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Thorsten Frank

I´m with Darkest Star Games here (like so often). The point is that I experienced even in excercises small unlucky events and I´ve got experiences like a boar hitting our squadron during a tactical change of position causing three 2tons crashing in each other and causing 7 WIA. This allowed the EX-Opfor to exploit an unobserved gap and that would have caused even more losses to our unit. It wasn´t planned that way and some of the brass were seriously pissed off (I think they had to pay a few rounds in the casino….). And this was just one example from many.
The real problem is: you can´t really simulate conflict/war. There are so many variables that´s it´s more or less impossible. Even most video games can´t (think of it, would you charge around the next corner sub-machine gun blazing if your lifes at stake? Or try that split-s at 2000ft with an fighter jet?).  And btw, that´s my personal problem with historical wargames, as much as I like AARs of historical games,  and my preference for sci-fi (and now heroic fantasy).

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