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NKL Aerotom

Latest progress – I’ve been typing up the vehicle rules, and getting ideas for mishaps for helicopters (as I read through “Undaunted Valor: An Assault Helicopter Unit in Vietnam”). Built 2 Loach helicopters today, and will paint them up over the next few days.

Finished off 10 or so more bases of US infantry, including some recon teams.

To do miniatures-wise: Build 2 Chinooks, and base/paint some VC heavy AA guns (~23mm)

I’m now officially on holiday until late January (last 2 weeks have been busy, as I’m sure everyone is), so will have lots of time to type up rules and start doing some more serious playtesting over the next month.

Big and Small: Finished Loaches and CH-47 Chinooks, as well as the 2 finished Recon teams