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Shaun Travers

I would like to think I am finished with the combat interactions but I know I am definitely not finished *testing* combat interactions 🙁  I am fairly done with any up to about 600AD as that is the years I have played all the games. So it covers chariots, pikes, elephants, archers, cataphracts, heavy and light infantry, heavy and light archers etc.  The rules cover later than this but I have not tested Medieval games so such things as Vikings, Huns, Longbowmen, Knights etc remain an unknown in actual play.  I think the rules will manage fine as I had this epoch in mind while writing them, but they still need testing.  I am very tempted as my next goal to play some games from the book “As Told in the Long Hall” as I get to play about 15 scenarios set in England from about 600AD to 1100AD which will test some of the early western medieval interactions.   It includes Hastings which i have in my mind whenever I made combat changes so hopefully the rules will survive a Hastings replay 🙂

Warbands are my nemesis.  While the combat value, combat reaction etc and movement rules for them have not changed, I vacillate on how to easily represent them in the rules.  I have finally just recently gone with creating a “Medium Infantry'” type that is for Warbands and some other infantry that were also exceptions such as Samnites and Thracians.  Having a hew troop type got rid of about 4 exceptions in the rules.