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Paul Howarth

I enjoyed most of the first half. I rolled my eyes at the FNG arriving without a clue what to do, as well as the young lieutenant in spotless fatigues, whilst he’s briefing the middle-aged tank commanders. Could they have got a more eclectic platoon of Shermans? I thought the portrayal of the state of Germany at this point was well done. The brutalising of the FNG was par for the course and I’d rather have seen them trying to outflank the Tiger rather than drive in circles. I found it hard to accept that having promised his crew that he would keep them alive, Brad Pitt’s character condemned them to death with a selfish action, right at the end of the war. As for the last stand with day to night in twenty minutes, the disappearing panzerfausts and good German peeking under the tank for no real reason, well… I definitely preferred it to Inglorious Bastards though.