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I’ve had various set ups over the years. Before I was married I used the living room floor of my tiny apartment. Our first house saw me banished to an unfinished basement dungeon where I had to fight the spiders and cobwebs. But, I could place blankets,  a couple of 2x4s overlaid with plywood over the dining room table for a temporary gaming surface in the proper living space. Our next house provided me with a right proper man-cave with plenty of room for anything I desired–a desk for painting a 5.5×10 foot gaming table, built in bookcases, etc. The wheel of fate turned again and I was reduced to having a small desk in a spare bedroom for painting but all my gaming stuff was in storage for the next three years. The wheel turned  and I now have a man-cave with plenty of space though it’s a rental property so I have to keep in mind that someday I’ll be moving–probably to a smaller space.

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