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Hi Chaps,

That’s very kind of you to comment and I’m so glad you enjoyed the journey. I’m not sure I can add much to the wealth of literature out there already covering the Peninsular War, but blogging allows an opportunity to point, those who want to look at these places, at some ideas about how to do it and in ways that can make them come alive.

We are so lucky that these Peninsular veterans left us a treasure trove of first hand accounts of events at places that we can still see today pretty much as they did, and frankly I can’t really add much to that other than to point at them as a must have accompaniment when visiting these sites.

The more of us who travel to Spain and Portugal to visit these places the more likely they will be saved for future generations of visitors and that would be a great way to honour the memories of those who fought and died there.

Happy Xmas