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Ok folks, last post of the year before the holiday madness begins.

Best make it a good’un then 😎 ,


…”Out of the mists of Tír na nÓg strides Slaine MacRoth with his axe ‘Brainbiter’ in hand and his dwarf Ukko by his side.”

Sláine: “Announce me, dwarf.”

Ukko: “Er… Sláine Mac Roth… a bone-splitter, a reddener of swords, a pruner of limbs who delights in red-frothed, glorious carnage. No welcome visitor. Not a friendly face. Your lives would be prolonged for getting out of his way. Excellent with the axe and sword he is. Far from trifling the wounds he gives with his ungentle, woe-working weapons. Well damaged his enemies. Their tribes are full of vacancies. But I expect you know that yourselves now!”

Being slightly underwhelmed by the size of the Splintered light not-Slaine I decided to take matters into my own hands and convert a Ral Partha Thain barbarian into a more decently sized 15(18)mm Slaine.

I cut away his puny knife and green stuffed him a propper axe…

…and then gave him a fur cape.

And because you can’t have a hero without some monsters for him to fight I also painted…

a cave bear from Northstar,

I am the carrion maker!

a Green Hag from Ral Partha

I can’t waste time talking to you… I’ll stop that mouth with steel!


some Owlbears from Splintered light

Kiss my axe!
some Splintered light Perytons

Flies will enter these wounds!
a bunch of goblins , the mounted ones are from Ral Partha, the one on foot is from Splintered light.

I am the reddener of armour! My axe shall leave a wake of death!
two Splintered light chimeras

It’s time I got more gore on my war weapon!

A pair (foursome?) of ettins from Splintered light.

Ha! Double the number of heads for me to pickle and show of to my friends!

A big purple people eater from Ral Partha

I am the CORPSE-SCORER!The axe river will flow — and you will drown in the wound sea!

And finally a lava demon also from Ral Partha.

I am Slaine MacRoth, my blood is white hot!

All in all I painted nearly a score of figures…

…and I did not think it to many 😈

Cheers and happy holidays every body!!!


If you like small scale skirmish, check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0