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Just Jack

I agree with Shelldrake agreeing with me 😉

If it weren’t for some anonymous guys on the internet, I probably wouldn’t be here right now.  A few years ago I was bored and looking around on the internet, and I found two blogs; neither was all that pretty to look at, but each had quite a few fights on it, and it was clear the guys were both having a great time, despite the fact they were both playing solo.  One had created his own little world, while the other was playing Spanish Civil War and WWII.  Both were using individually mounted little guys (one 6mm, the other 10mm) with a couple vehicles.

Beautiful is great, but the fact this stuff wasn’t 28mm museum-quality miniatures was actually what inspired me!  I don’t have the time, talent, or patience to make museum-quality stuff, but these guys were just like me, with a couple pieces of felt thrown down over a blanket, and they were getting it on in their own little worlds, and sharing it with us!  I thought (and still think) that was just the coolest thing I’d seen, and they were the impetus for me to get back to gaming after my old man passed away.

So those guys inspired me not only to play games, but to share with other folks, hopefully kinda showing the way for guys teetering on the brink of “it looks cool, but I don’t think I have the time/money/wherewithal to pull it off.”  My reply is that it doesn’t take much; $100 gets you two armies in 10mm, plus trees, walls, roads, and buildings.  Find you a digital camera (or a scanner, I suppose), start a free blog, and you’ll be doing it like the pros in no time 😉