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Jonathan Gingerich

Hi guys – missed the question – holidays et al… I’ll look at it, but Bryce probably nailed.
The generals and field officers had separate ordinals. I forget if the field ranks were separate as well. Somewhere Steven H. Smith answers the question.
The ordinals dis not become official until the yearly register was published, I believe. Occasionally there were disagreements.

Ah took a look at it. I probably need to put a note in. Vasilchikov-1 is “commander” of the 3d Brigade – but he is not “commanding”. That role has devolved to Col. Vasilchikov-2, because Gen Vasilchikov-1 has been assigned to cover the 12th infantry division in light of their commanders MG Kolyubakin’s convalescence. Maybe I intended italics – have to check.

Ah yes – typo preventing the italics. Well congrats Bandit, consider yourself a contributor:-)