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Rod Robertson

We are all mortal men (women?) and have only limited time on this silica and water ball we call the “Third Rock from the Sun”. This imposes temporal scarcity upon us and makes every thing we do more valuable. The opportunity cost of learning to blog is just too high and will cost me just too much valuable time, which I prefer to use in other ways. Although I haven’t done so in about fifteen years, I used to put on flashy games at wargames conventions both in Canada and the USA so I did my bit for spreading the cult of lead. Now I content myself with gaming at my local club  once a month and with friends at home on occasional weekends; and with painting the mountains of lead I have accumulated (and am still accumulating) over the past thirty-five years. I am a teacher which gives me very little free time to do this hobby, so the little free time I have I jealously guard and choose to devote to the activities which I love to do. Blogging is not such a pass-time I value and so will have to wait until I have enough free time to consider adding it to my roster of activities. Perhaps in 13 years when I retire I shall consider it but for now it’s going to be painting and gaming. Sorry dudes but photos are just along way down the road.


Rod Robertson.