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Tony S

Obviously we all have different likes and dislikes but as I mentioned above, this game checks all the right boxes for me!

We going to play it again this Sunday, I think with the same figures.  Perhaps we might try some modern Warlord Gauls but probably not, as they would tower over the 25mm figures.  Which actually might be quite appropriate, as the primary sources do tend to mention that the Gauls were much larger than the Romans (and Carthaginians one supposes).  This time we’ll take some pictures!  (And as another bit of ancient trivia, those figures from so long ago were painted by a young, skinny kid named Bob Murch, now the brawny two fisted sculptor and owner of Pulp Figures.  He’s a really fantastic fellow and friend, and when he moved away to the West Coast Interior, he just gave away most of his figures).

We did do one thing incorrectly in our first play.  We thought we needed a command point each time an order was issued, which is wrong.  If an unit is activated, it takes a command point (or two depending) but once it is activated, it can do one or two  more actions without a command point, as long as its activation doesn’t end, either voluntarily or not.  If it still has actions left after losing its activation, it can be activated again by the same or another leader, but it’ll take another CP to get it moving.  Just another tough decision for a player to make – which I just love.  (Assuming you can decipher my incoherent sentence).

That’s the way we understood it anyway, after carefully perusing the rules and especially the combat examples.

I hope you and your grandson have a great time trying it too!