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Small scale should work perfectly fine, if anything it should just fit in the hexes better. As for the system itself, it’s pretty fun. Not too complex once you get it rolling but it helps to stick a time limit on planning. I’ve found it’s usually best to go with your first idea anyway and over-thinking moves slows the game down a lot once you start trying to work out which manoeuvre is ‘best’. The game also really lends itself well to more than two players at once too.

Autocannon are a bit possibly brokenly good though. And really make sure to remember the rules for wingmen and how to not mess that up by accident. And stalling. Avoid the ground too whilst you’re at it… Actually I think I could best sum up with:

Make sure to read the rules a few times and have a quick reference sheet on hand, because remembering how to not mess up let alone getting your guns on target is a surprisingly large amount of the game when you start out, it’s got a very clear skill progression system for the players over time that rewards learning and playing with knowing what you can get away with.