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Mark Morin

An interesting post Mark, thanks. I am slowly but surely building up forces for France 1940 in 20mm. I have had most of the necessary Germans for many years, but all the First to Fight stuff has enabled me to move on from pretending that my grey Panzer IIIs were the correct ausf. Thanks to S-Model, Altaya/Ixo and Early War Miniatures, my French and B.E.F. can put up some token resistance (a bit like the real thing), but there is a lot more to get. I have a copy of The Seeds of Disaster, but have yet to dip into it. Fortunately I bought all the Minitracks (I think they are called) books on French AFVs many years ago, and now search the internet for more source material. Unfortunately the vast majority of it seems to only come in the French language, and I stopped learning French at O-level. There is a lot of very good stuff that I can’t resist though, so my ‘French language’ library is growing. The GBM magazine series is an absolute treasure, and I so wish they would publish an English edition. Thanks to the JP Wargaming Place blog I discovered Minigeneral in Portugal who produces both common and really obscure 3D printed French stuff. They are well worth looking at.

Very nice feedback deephorse, very much appreciated.  I looked into Minigeneral and wow, they have a lot, but not in 15mm unfortunately.  I hope to add enough tanks and armored cars for a decent selection.  I have focused more on hardcover reference books, especially Restayn’s https://www.amazon.com/Encyclopaedia-Color-1939-45-ENCYCLOPAEDIA-Hardcover/dp/B00QM10H8G