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My daughter is also ASD, so I know how much effort is required. We’ve spent over two years wading through the Byzantine education system to get an EHCP, so at least she can now stay in school with some funding.

I think you hit the nail firmly and squarely. I have a stressful job which involves an awful lot of ‘policy and guidance’, so I don’t want to spend hours working through yet more rules in my free time. From a gaming perspective, I often find the simpler the rules the more people ‘play the game’ because there is not much to argue over, nor is there a sneaky +1 hidden somewhere in the 400-page rulebook because your troops had a nice lunch. It’s also my age: I have less patience generally. Think Victor Meldrew with Vallejo. I’m now wedded to Neil Thomas’ SIP philosophy and look at all rules through that prism.

I notice over the Christmas holidays a large number of people modifying his One Hour rules, so I’m not alone. But if you think it sad someone thought your rules wasted their time, remember those of us who tried Cambrai to Sinai….

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