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The right rules is dependent upon my interest level and willingness to invest time. Sometimes I want the nitty-gritty. For example when I wrote my ironclad rules I was very much into resolving the results of firing each and every cannon. If I’m playing a napoleonic game, well… not my period, I’m not going to invest that level of interest. DBN might be a more appropriate level. I’m still searching for my preferred ancients rules. The searching is part of the fun.

Now, if people are unhappy with rules that I’ve written I don’t let that bother me too much. I make an honest effort to design and write rules that reflect my interest level and knowledge of the period and enjoy it when someone else enjoys my interpretation. But as a good stoic I know that I have little influence over how my interpretation is received, and no control whatsoever over the factors of someone else’s life that colors their understanding. Sometimes we’re on the same page. Sometimes we’re reading entirely different books. C’est la vie!

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