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Tony S

Welcome to this forum! I used to be regularly on another forum, but for various reasons I left for this one. Quite happy about that decision!

Anyway, what a cracking AAR you posted! Not only are the photos great (are those Stuka shadows on the ground I see?) but The actual battle sounded like an exciting and nailbiting game! Although as a proud owner of a French CoC platoon and supports, the outcome was a trifle disappointing. Quelle triste.

Although we’ve played a lot of CoC, we still haven’t gotten around to actually playing one of the pint sized campaigns. And I distinctly remember solemnly swearing New Year’s 2019 that I would play in one! Although I did finish a couple of other campaigns last year for other rules at least.

I was also impressed with your terrain. You did a great job in translating the maps to the tabletop.