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Piyan Glupak

I like to have two or three games per wargaming session, ideally, different periods.  Hence, I tend to go for DBN  for Napoleonic and AWI games and Corvus for ancient naval games.  I used to adore DBA, but didn’t take to version 3, tried Triumph!, but although I loved the early access versions found that I wasn’t keen on the final release.  I used to love Hordes of the Things, and still see it as the best WRG game ever.

Recently, I have had a go at writing my own quick-play rules for land battles, and am fairly pleased with them, to the point that I will be looking to get them on t’Internet soon as freebies.  The rules use the same basic mechanisms for various periods.  I would say that the ancient and medieval version is ready, and the fantasy version nearly ready, but the Pike and Shot and Martian versions could do with a bit more work, with more troop types to add and test.