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Sane Max

I like simple rules that give a tolerably realistic game most of the time too. I Thought I had it with the Hail Caesar / Pike and Shotte / Black Powder set up, but was annoyed to discover that each set has slightly different fundamental rules. That’s just bloody cruel.

I think for simple you can’t top a game like first edition AK47 and they are fun too.

I loved Blitzkrieg Commander first edition, but like so many rule-writers they had to keep bolting stuff on to make it more ‘realistic’ while totally failing to address much more basic rules problems.

One Day I will write my own. They will be really basic and I don’t care.

I am still trying to get my test-monkey AKA 17 Year old Daughter to play the promised One Hour Wargame, but something always comes up… they are too simple, I am sure, but will be pleasant.

I believe the trend toward simpler rules reflects something much more basic – we are all grown ups, with lives. If I was a kid again I might welcome the chance to really immerse myself in a set of rules and play something mad like Tractics.