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I’m both impressed and scared by that list!!! I’ve been off work over two years with mental health issues and only now getting back into the hobby so my list is to learn and play two very simple games and do four bits of painting (some ruins and GW figures). I hope you enjoy the tasks ahead.

I understand where you are coming from – I had severe depression back in 2008, and it took me ages be become even slightly interested in the hobby for ages.

Taking it slow and setting small, but achievable goals, was an important part of my recovery.

This is also one of the reasons I love the ‘Fist Full of Lead’ rules – you only need five figures per side to play an enjoyable game, and it really lets me use the lead pile I already have, rather than buy heaps of new armies.

I do need a painting service though… my eyes just don’t seem to last long painting anymore, and I much prefer making scenery anyway 🙂