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That’s a long list of to-dos. H&R are nice and cheap. I wonder if you could paint a few hulls in grey and camo and swap turrets for different ank variants. I don’t know if the rules have anti-tank guns. If it does maybe Balkans could use them and have an ATG hunt? For reinforcements how about simply rolling higher than the number of tanks you have? And if you have a full platoon of 5, maybe on a ‘6’ command felt generous enough to attach a tank destroyer to your platoon or something.

Most of the to do list has kind of already been done over the last month, so it is really just actioning them now.

I have my initial H&R shopping list ready to go once I get my first pay cheque, and I am working on some scenery whilst waiting for things to get rolling. Fortunately I have some H&R tanks lying around to help with making the scenery.

I will probably not need to buy and paint too many different hulls to need turret swaps to begin with, but it isn’t a bad idea for later Pz IV variants.

The Rules don’t have anti-tank guns… it is purely a tank game, but I was thinking over the weekend of maybe using AT guns for the Balkans myself… did tanks get kill rings for AT guns?

Great idea on the reinforcements – I will give your idea a try. Thank you.