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Welcome to this forum! I used to be regularly on another forum, but for various reasons I left for this one. Quite happy about that decision! Anyway, what a cracking AAR you posted! Not only are the photos great (are those Stuka shadows on the ground I see?) but The actual battle sounded like an exciting and nailbiting game! Although as a proud owner of a French CoC platoon and supports, the outcome was a trifle disappointing. Quelle triste. Although we’ve played a lot of CoC, we still haven’t gotten around to actually playing one of the pint sized campaigns. And I distinctly remember solemnly swearing New Year’s 2019 that I would play in one! Although I did finish a couple of other campaigns last year for other rules at least. I was also impressed with your terrain. You did a great job in translating the maps to the tabletop.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it (despite the French defeat!). Those are indeed shadows from the Stuka on the table, well spotted, but before you think that’s an advert for my masterful Photoshop skills I’ll have to confess that it’s just a natural shadow. We simply suspend the model with fishing line over the table, it’s about as old school as things can get.

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