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Thanks guys. The flak markers were a bit of an experiment, I just dunked bits of clump foliage in black primer and then drybrushed them. I only made 6, so I’ll be needing a load more. I was only making them for visual effect, but actually I think they’ll be useful as markers for when aircraft are distracted or driven off by AA fire. I’m thinking I can do some at different heights to indicate different statuses.

I think you will find there is already a RJW version: White Bear Red Sun.. https://WWW.WARGAMEVAULT.COM/PRODUCT/223354/WHITE-BEAR-RED-SUN

Yes, I have the Spanish American War campaign which uses the same tactical rules (Broadside & Salvo). They’re a bit more generic in terms of ship stats, and a bit more abstract generally. FF&S are more detailed without being massively more complicated, a bit like DM’s ironclad rules Dahlgren & Columbiad.

I like the sound of the how the damage levels work, I’m not a fan of ticking boxes, especially when you have a lot of ships involved.

Yeah, I’m kind of ok with box-ticking as long as the ship rosters are well designed and you can fit everything you need onto a single sheet of paper. It gets annoying when you have to rifle through loads of pages. It’s a real bugbear of mine when you see naval games at shows and whatnot, and every spare inch of ocean is covered with bits of paper.

But it’s definitely very liberating to have almost no record keeping. The only bits of paper you need are the quick play sheet and maybe half a sheet with your ship stats on for reference.