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Tim Snoddy

I would agree with what has gone before.  Not so great for selling stuff.  Charges by ebay and paypal eat into your profit margin significantly.  But sometimes there is no local market for what you want to sell or a suitable facebook trading group.  I find it great for buying stuff.  Painted scenic items at very reasonable prices.  I find saving searches very useful if looking for a specific item.  I got into a new scale with 28mm for WWII gaming with Nordic Weasels excellent hammer of democracy.  Sure enough if I waited long enough I was able to grab painted figures at very reasonable cost eg £1.25 for painted infantry.  I also use Star Wars Legion figures for Squad Hammer and again you can always pick up bargains after a few months from release.  I got a painted core set for 60% of the cost of an unpainted set at RRP.