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Rod Robertson


WMIK’s! So now I have to buy Brits as well!?!? Well it is an acceptable excuse to buy some Royal Marines or SAS to further spice up the mayhem in the Afghan hinterlands. But this is going to throw off the schedule and could put me into receivership, so that will have to wait for awhile. I will however be ordering some Taliban kit which I forgot to include in my last order.

Geoff. LAV III. You’re feeling very tired and your eyelids are growing heavy. Variants. Just sit back, relax and let yourself drift off. LAV III. I will count down from five to zero, LAV III, and then you will be fast asleep. Variants.  You will be free of all worries and concerns. LAV III Variants. You will be floating weightlessly, removed from the material world and all it’s worries. Variants. Then, when I snap my fingers, you will awake all refreshed and with a powerful urge to produce ultramodern Canadian eight-wheeled vehicles. Variants. Five, four, three……….


Rod Robertson.