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Rod Robertson

Just Jack:

Why not roll a D3 for each functional platoon in a company and an additional D3 or D6 for the company command element the first time a company command is activated. Then assign the dice to each platoon and have the die left to the company commander to be farmed out to the platoons as he sees fit. Subsequent activations only involve the command die being rolled, not the platoons, and are subject to your friction and exhaustion penalties. Allow platoons to bank their activation pips if they are on over-watch but charge them one banked pip per full turn if they are not used. Also make observation and reporting an additional action option so that defenders and recce units can acquire targets and pass on positions to other units to make it easier for those other units to acquire or suppress the enemy. Do not allow banked pips to be used for movement, only for observation/reporting and for firing. Popping smoke could also cost a banked action. Finding good hull down positions or good cover could cost an AP. You can represent banked AP’s with a die placed behind each platoon’s position or with chits. Likewise allow your artillery units to bank their AP’s and then rain hell-fire down on enemy positions when they have accumulated enough AP’s to drop a big barrage. Banked AP’s could be used for movement of helicopters making them very nimble at the moment of committment.


Rod Robertson

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