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Tim – Thanks for taking a look, the opinions of someone that actually did it are very welcome!  But we’re both victim of me not explaining everything fully; I’m planning on some very large games; everyone keeps saying, “man, you had a lot of stuff on the table for a test game.”  My reply is that, this was a small game!  For the ‘real’ games I intend on having three to five battalions (plus support) on the table, per side!

So you had some really great points, but a lot of it (in my mind at least) had to do with lower-echelon (or scale) granularity.  I’m activating as companies/company teams, with platoons as the ‘stand,’ because I’m going to be playing such large games, so activating at that level is simply a game mechanism to represent the player being a brigade/division commander.  Don’t worry, I’m not gonna quit.  I can’t, I have this dream of massive tank battles!

On a side note, I just looked at your blog, and the hilarious part is that I’d looked at your blog numerous times in the past, but didn’t realize it was YOUR blog.  Truly fantastic!

Shelldrake – Because the games are so big, I don’t want to have higher-level, non-aligned (i.e., not part of one of the maneuver units) leaders, it’s just too much for me to work out in my solo game.  What I am going to do is limit activations to one per company/company team per turn, add overwatch as an action, and allow cross-attachment.  I.e., I had the tank company spread all over the map, and I had the mech company all over the map, but you could pretty much match up a tank platoon with each mech platoon.  So, instead of activating as tank co and mech co, combine a tank plt and mech plt together to form company teams geographically co-located.  This should solve most of my problems (I think).

Guy – Instead of a complicated reaction fire or opportunity fire, I’m going to go with a very simple ‘overwatch’ action to tackle that issue.

Rod – I need to keep it simple, but I think limited companies/company teams to one activation per turn will limit the wild swings in initiative, and the activation via cross attachments (as appropriate) and use of overwatch will straighten out the activation issues (of having to activate one platoon whilst the other two are unengaged).

I wrote up a bunch more (if you’re interested) on the blog:

More games coming this weekend, the Legion in Estonia is already set up for its next fight!