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Mr. Average

I have, as in the past, to second Senhor Blanchette on the subject of scale. 3mm scale has come into its own in the past five years, and O8, and now others, are producing casts of stunning quality and detail. For a relatively small outlay of money and effort you can have a sizable force for just about any period, and store it in minimal space. I play at every scale, and find 3mm is great for games that feel very large and (dare I say it?) epic in scale. You don’t have to imagine that one big tank represents four smaller ones – you can just have four smaller ones.

And the cost being as low as it is, what are you losing by giving it a try? I can put together a fully playable TO&E for any interested party that costs $25, and will get you a combat battalion or equivalent, or two sides of multi-company strength or better. Would you be willing to go in for that little and risk not liking it? Any other game and you’d be in for a minimum risk of $100, $200 or more if you bought two sides for the game. At the 3mm scale price point you can experiment with lots of different armies, organizations and strategies without getting in over your head with any one of them.