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Piyan Glupak

I am 47 years old and my vision sucks. It is no harder painting 3mm figs than it is, say, painting belts on 28 mm figs. Like everything in minis, it is a question of tecnique and not one of eagle eye sight and rock steady hands. Paint for effect, not detail. That is the key. 

Firstly, congratulations on your age.  If I can remember that far back, 47 was a good age to be.

You might find that you are preaching to the converted with regards to some of the people responding to this thread. I find painting small figures very much easier than large figures, so I concur. No experience of 3mm figures but with 6mm I find the basing sometimes more important than the fine details of painting.  For instance, I re-based my 6mm Polybian Roman hastati and princeps on 40mm by 20mm bases, with 2 ranks of 4 hastati on the right at the front of the base.  On the left I put 2 ranks of 4 princeps to the back of the base. Even people with worse vision than myself can see what they are at more than playing distance.

BBDBA with 6mm Republican Romans and Seleucids

Not a very good picture, but perhaps you can see what I am getting at?

O8’s 3mm figures are about 200 percent more detailed and recognizeable than Irregular’s 2mm figs.

Somehow, I find that easy to believe.