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Rod Robertson


The article was interesting. I wonder if the European membership of NATO are going to be able to rebuild their armed forces up to Cold War levels or there abouts? It seems to me that the moribund economies of Europe coupled with a bias towards lighter kit and less armoured forces is going to leave Europe badly weakened for the foreseeable future. Only the Turks and strangely the Greeks are keeping up with their NATO commitments and spending targets and that is likely only happening because they hate and don’t trust each other. IIRC the Dutch are abandoning tanks altogether – Canada has been buying up surplus Dutch Leopard II’s. I am not sure that Europe could defend itself in a large-scale conflict with Russia even with US aid. Now add to the mix an opportunistic aggressor in Asia and some distraction in the Middle East/ Persia during a major conventional conflict in Europe and I think the US might find itself over taxed militarily too. In that case the temptation to resort to non-conventional warfare would seem to be much higher. That scares me because with such weakened conventional forces, escalation seems the only course left in a bid to frighten the enemy from continuing to attack inferior (in terms of numbers) NATO forces.

Rod Robertson