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Thaddeus Blanchette

Dear Yorkie,

Not to belabor the point, but the great thing about picoscale is that there is no “too heavy investment” in other scales… Unless you’ve got all other periods covered in 6mm.

Again, maybe 6mm Napoleonics is your big thing. Fair go. But you watch Aliens and think it would be cool to do a one-off game. Twenty bucks will get you enough figs to do a nice little battle on a 3×2 mat. I wouldn’t want to try individual figure-based skirmishes in 3mm, but fireteam based skirmishes are certainly doable!

Like I said, it is something of a bonus scale because it is cheap, easy to paint, and easy to store. It is also a great scale for producing micodioramas to give away as gifts.

It is ridiculously easy to buy and paint these things. My biggest problem so far has been buying too much! I have far more sci-fi stuff then I could ever conceivably use, but I keep on buying more!

My latest project is to do Steve Jackson’s Ogre in 3mm. 40 bucks of figures gets you more than enough, and that is counting the expen$$$ive Plasmablast 6mm tanks I use as Ogres.

We get slapped around, but we have a good time!