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Just Jack


Thanks for weighing in, I appreciate it!

“I was going to suggest permitting companies to activate as many times as the owing player likes in a turn, but imposing stress points only on those platoons that take actions.”  I’m just worried that that will simply make it a “activation by platoon game,” vice an “activation by company game.”  Nothing wrong with that, it’s just that I’m focusing on company activation as I want to have several battalions per side.

Regarding cross attachment/company activation, I think you’ve got a great point of view, and with that I’ve decided to be more ‘flexible,’ i.e., not require three platoons per company, certainly not if it doesn’t make sense, but also as a means to simulate better or worse quality battalions.  I’m thinking, a better unit might have two platoons, while worse units might have four platoons (the first making it more likely the two platoons will get more done per turn, and four platoons less).  Does that make sense?

I also want to keep companies to one activation per turn for ‘personal’ reasons as well.  Obviously it makes the game and data tracking more simple, but it’s also a ‘frame of mind’ issue for me.  With that much stuff on the table, I like the feeling of moving the ball forward, i.e., “there, I just finished another turn.”  With multiple activations, sure you end up with fewer overall turns, but that first turn might take 2 hours!  Like I said, it’s certainly ‘6 of 1, half a dozen the other,’ but I like the feeling of accomplishment 😉

I’m pretty sure I’ve got supporting arms figured out (with regards to activation), but I’m still not set on how to handle recon.  Nothing seems to make sense.  The best I’ve come up with is ‘temporary cross-attachment ,’ i.e., activating via the nearest ‘line’ company, with the fact that activation relationship may change during the course of the game.  But then that penalizes the line company in its activation, so maybe give the line company activating a recon platoon a +1 to its roll?  I dunno, that part still needs work…

Regarding the EW issue, I don’t think I need command units represented on the table for that.  I think the same thing can be accomplished simply by targeting specific units (maybe a battalion, or battalion’s worth of companies in a specific geographic area) and giving them a negative modifier to their activation roll.  As you see, I’m not terribly worried about/tied to various militaries’ doctrines; that’s the beauty of Imagi-Nations, I get to do what I want 😉


I like your idea regarding the tokens.  However:
“…NATO pro’s get 4 per battalion, Warpac first line get 3, NATO conscript 2, Warpac minors 1, USMC 0…”
Someday I’m going to have to come visit you; Oregon, right? 😉

And you’re killing me:
“…I’d be inclined to give Warpac forces a bonus when following the plan and a penalty when deviating from it…”

There is no NATO and Warsaw Pact, it’s an Imagi-Nation.  If I was sticking with it doctrinally, it would be Warsaw Pact vs Warsaw Pact,  but I’m not sticking with it doctrinally, I’m going to do whatever I want!