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Just Jack


Awesome, thanks for the help!  I need to study it a bit more, it’s still a little confusing.  It looks like it really comes down to only one real decoration for valor (Légion d’Honneur), which also gets you the Croix de Guerre as sort of a bonus, and the Médaille Militaire, which is only for high-level commanders or NCOs that distinguish themselves in combat.  Am I reading that right?  I hope not…

“I don’t think the FFL use AMX 10P’s…”  They did when the intervened in Estonia in 1993 to take out Colonel Sirel 😉

“…is it by any chance, “Pepe”?”  Uh-oh, they’re on to me.  Major Louis-Louis actually calls him by his first name in the next batrep, which I wrote BEFORE I saw your comment!

Thanks for your help Rod.